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What We Believe As A Church Family

Gospel Sharing

We are a Baptist Church that follows the simple gospel sharing methods of Jesus Christ.


Service and Example

We believe every disciple (Church member) is ‘one’ who is sent into the world to share the love of the Christ through service and example.


Guide and Primary Source

We believe the sacred scriptures of the Holy Bible to be our guide and primary source to learn and practice God’s will and method revealed to us through Jesus Christ


Tangible Expression

We believe every disciple (Church member) has the responsibility to offer a tangible expression of love for God by giving to the Church systematically, sacrificially, and proportionately.


God-Given Gifts and Abilities

We believe every disciple (Church member) has God given gifts and abilities to serve God and others.



We believe that we fulfill our doctrinal beliefs through participation in worship, education, fellowship, and service to others.

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