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Trustee Ministry
[Genesis 39:4,5; Romans 13:1]

A.  Principle Function

Trustees shall hold in trust all property belonging to the Church and recommend to  the   Church all necessary measures for its protection, management, and upkeep as part of the Trustee Ministry.

B.  Responsibilities

  1. Serve as legal custodians of all Church property.

  2. Represent the Church in legal matters.

  3. Give input/advice to the Trustee Ministry and Pastor as requested.

  4. Execute bank notes, deeds, and other legal documents after receiving approval at the Church's business meetings (gatherings).

  5. Fulfill the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia while serving as a Trustee of the Church.

  6. Assist in the process of awarding contracts for work that must be done to improve or repair Church buildings and property.

  7. Assist and oversee offering counters and turn in offerings and offering totals to the Stewardship Team after each service where offerings are received.

  8. Record all Church minutes and official letters/minutes of the Church as well as filing such letters/documents.  *This responsibility is fulfilled by the Church Clerk.

*To comply with Church Management principles and practices of operating under

   a system of checks and balances, the Trustee Ministry consist of three branches---

   Trustees, Stewardship Team, Building & Grounds

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