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Hospitality Ministry
[Romans 12:13; 1 Peter 4:9]

Function: The Hospitality Ministry is responsible for coordinating and serving all  fellowship meals served on behalf of the Church. This includes meals served on the Church grounds  and/or in the community.


Ministry Profile:

  1. Ministry area is inreach/outreach

  2. Ministry is accountable to the Director of Ministries & the Pastor.

  3. Ministry target are males in the congregation, guest,  and community.

  4. Ministry position is volunteer and may be filled by disciples of the Church.

  5. Spiritual gifts needed to perform this ministry are administration, serving, and  exhortation.

  6. God-given talents that will assist in the success of this ministry are good organizational skills, cooking skills, hospitable, and sensitivity to others'  needs.

  7. Individuals in this ministry should have a passion for planning and preparing meals and for serving people.
    8)Length of service should be a minimum of one year.

  8. Length of service should be a minimum of one year.

  9. Anticipated time commitments for this ministry is 1-3 hours a week.

Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Plan, organize, and oversee food preparation  and service for fellowship meals,  special luncheons or dinners, and any Church-related meals on the grounds or in the mission field.

  2. Assist in the purchase of food/ drinks/kitchen  supplies to be furnished by the   Church.

  3. Recruit and train volunteers to help cook, grill, serve and clean up tables and dishes after meals.

  4. Organize potlucks by assigning certain types of foods for certain types of special occasions of the Church's mission and  ministry.

  5. Supervise all activities using the Church kitchen and its   equipment.

  6. Keep an inventory list of kitchen supplies and equipment and request funds to replace, repair, or add to the inventory when   needed.

  7. Organize and clean the kitchen and appliances as  needed.

  8. Establish and post policies for the use and care of the  kitchen.

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