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Stewardship Ministry
[Genesis 39:4,5; Romans 13:1]

A.  Principle Function

      The Stewardship Team ensures ethical handling of all Church funds and oversees

       the management of Church banking accounts as a part of the Trustee Ministry.


B.  Responsibilities


      1. Have final approval of all disbursements.

      2. Sign all checks drawn on Church bank accounts.

      3. Oversee management of Church banking accounts.

      4. Review monthly statements including reconciliation by a financial bookkeeper.

      5. Coordinate and schedule annual audit with an independent audit company.

           (utilizing a Certified Public Accountant and/or the like)

      6. Ensure payment of all missionary support and all financial obligations.

      7. Lead in developing, overseeing, and examining the Church's yearly budget.

      8. Develop and implement stewardship campaigns on behalf of the Church's



*To comply with Church Management principles and practices of operating under

   a system of checks and balances, the Trustee Ministry consist of three branches---

   Trustees, Stewardship Team, Building & Grounds

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