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[Psalm 84:10]

Function: The Security Ministry is responsible for the overall security of the Church facilities and people meeting in them.

Ministry Profile:

  1. Ministry area is the area around the Church facilities.

  2. s accountable to the Building and Grounds leader and the Director of Ministries.

  3. Spiritual gifts needed to perform this task are exhortation, discerning of spirit, and serving.

  4. Talents that will assist one in this area of ministry are alertness, familiarity with Church facilities, and able to give clear directions.

  5. Persons in this ministry must have a passion for the welfare and safety of others.

  6. Anticipated time commitments for this task are hours a week and at leas tone yearly training session.


Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Organize and oversee the outreach ministries of the Church.

  2. Recruit and train TBC disciples for active participation in the various outreach/mission ministries.

  3. Research, survey and evaluate the Church and community to determine what outreach ministries are most needed and if existing ministries are effective in fulfilling Christ's mission objectives.

  4. Develop new ministries as needed to fulfill the outreach mandate of Christ (Matthew 28:19,20) .

  5. Organize and facilitate ministry to promote a positive image of the Church in the community while reaching out to community residents.

  6. Pray regularly for the outreach ministries of the Church.

  7. Other duties as assigned by the Pastor and/or Director of Ministries.

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