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New Disciples' Orientation Ministry
[Luke 9:23-26;  Titus 2:11-15]

Function: The New Disciples' Orientation Ministry is responsible for welcoming new disciples, providing discipleship training and helpful information, to assist them in feeling at home with their new Church family, and bonding them to the Church through meaningful relationships.


Ministry Profile:

  1. Ministry area is inreach to new Church  members.

  2. Accountable to the Director of Ministries and the  Pastor.

  3. Spiritual gifts needed to perform this task are exhortation, teaching, hospitality, shepherding, and knowledge.

  4. Talents that will assist one in this area are being a good communicator, and familiarity with the Church's facilities, ministries, and spiritual  gifts.

  5. Person(s) must have a passion for helping new disciples to feel at home in the Church and motivating them to become  involved.

  6. Anticipated  time commitments  for this task range from  1-2  hours a week.


Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Greet and introduce yourself to new disciples after worship services or whenever they make a commitment to the Church as a new  disciple.

  2. Schedule and meet with new disciples to introduce them to the New Disci ples' Orientation training.   (*see training outline)

  3. Assist new disciples in becoming familiar with the Church facilities, policies, and procedures.

  4. Be aware of the Church's ministries and answer new disciples' questions regarding ministry  opportunities available.

  5. Introduce new disciples to current disciples---especially those who may have common interests/family  life/ages,  etc.

  6. Make sure that new disciples are greeted every week for at least the first six weeks of new spiritual journey with the Church.

  7. Orientation is considered complete when the new disciple has transitioned into regular participation  into Church life  (worship, fellowship, ministry, mission, & discipleship).

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