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[2 Chronicles 3:5-7]

Function: The Decorations Ministry is responsible for organizing and overseeing Church decorations as part of beautifying the Lord's house and creating environments that complement the current season, service or special event.


Ministry Profile:

  1. Ministry area is the Church and its building.

  2. Ministry is accountable o the Director of Ministries and the Pastor

  3. Spiritual gifts needed to perform this task are administration, giving, and serving.

  4. Talents that will assist one with this ministry are good organizational skills, attention to detail, and creativity.

  5. Persons in this ministry should have a passion for sprucing up the house of God.

  6.  Anticipated time commitments for this ministry ranges from 8-10 hours per month.


Ministry Responsibilities:

   1. Obtain, make, and arrange decorations to use during services, special events,           or Church seasons.
    2. Decorate the Narthex, lobby area, and sanctuary on a regular basis.
    3. Organize and maintain a storage closet at Church for decorations and related
         supplies. (examples: wedding supplies, anniversary decorations, seasonal                       decorations, etc.)  
    4. Other duties associated with this ministry as assigned by the Director of
          Ministries or the Pastor.


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