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Prose &  Poetry Ministry Description
[Luke 1:46-47]

Function: The Prose & Poetry Ministry uses artistic expression in words and /or drama to perform beautiful creative compositions that interpret biblical truth narrations that honor God.

Ministry Profile:

  1. Ministry area is the entire congregation.

  2. Accountable to the Pastor.

  3. Spiritual gifts needed to perform task are exhortation, wisdom, knowledge, and serving.

  4. Talent or ability that will assist one in this area of ministry is training and/or experience in creative composition.

  5. Persons in this ministry should have a passion for interpreting life or give a message that glorifies God through tastefully  arranged creative  composition.

  6. Anticipated time commitments for this ministry are 2-3 hours per month depending on number of opportunities to serve on behalf of this ministry.


Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Regular attendance at training/preparational opportunities

  2. Work with creative leader of the ministry to develop interpretive routines for special compositions or narrative presentations.

  3. Perform the ministry of Prose & Poetry to the Lord during worship services or special events as planned

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