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Women's Ministry
[Proverbs 27:17]

Function: The Women 's Ministry is responsible for organizing and leading a ministry that builds up and helps the females of the Church to become spiritual leaders and provide an avenue of outreach to females in the community.


Ministry Profile:

  1. Ministry area is inreach and outreach.

  2. Ministry is accountable to the Director of Ministries and the Pastor.

  3. Ministry target are females in the congregation and community.

  4. Ministry position is volunteer and filled by female disciples of the Church.

  5. Spiritual gifts needed to perform this ministry are the gifts of administration, exhortation, teaching, wisdom, and knowledge.

  6. Being a great organizer will be a much needed talent to aid in the success of this task.

  7. Individuals should have a passion for developing and encouraging females of .

  8. Length of service should be a minimum of one year.

  9. Anticipated time commitments for this ministry are 1-3 hours a week.


Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Pray regularly for females in the Church; families in the Church whose males do not ; and those in the community at large.

  2. Plan special courses, activities, events for training males to become spiritual leaders in the home, Church, and community.

  3. Plan quarterly retreats or rally events for prayer, fellowship, and  encouragement.

  4. Organize small groups that meet regularly for accountability, building relationships, and spiritual encouragement through prayer, devotions, and sharing.

  5. Plan activities and special projects for females only: prayer breakfasts, Church improve­ment day, specialized expeditions, father/son events, recreational league, etc.

  6. Develop a mentoring network where spiritually mature females (or females who have faced specific situations) can identify with and give guidance/support to females going through similar situations.

  7. Report special needs to the Director of Ministries and/or the Pastor.

  8. Oversee budget and expenditures of the Women's Ministry.

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