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Media/Praisecast Ministry
     Audio/Visual Ministry
    [2 Corinthians 9:12,13]
Job Description

A.  Principle Function

      The Audio/Visual Ministry is responsible for the care, maintenance, and use of all     

      electronic equipment of the Church.


B.  Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate the recording (via audio and visual) of all services and special programs of the Church.

  2. To assist in recording pertinent history of the Church via electronics.

  3. Care for and maintain all electronic equipment in workingorder.

  4. Plan, coordinate, and train persons in the proper use of all electronic equipment.

  5. Schedule trained persons to operate electronic equipment as needed.

  6.  Make recommendations to the Trustee ministry regarding care and acquisition of electronic equipment.                                           

  7. When applicable, coordinate all promotion of broadcasting for the Church.

C.  Scope of Work

  1. Ability to do one's duty in a Christian manner.

  2. Demonstrate, through positive work performance, knowledge of assigned duties.

  3. Assist the Church in fulfilling its mission by the performance of one's duties.

  4. Create positive influence as one relates to other Church disciples in the performance of one's duties.

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