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Ministry of Bereavement/Comfort Description
[Psalm 119:50; 2 Corinthians 1:4, 5]

Function: The Ministry of Comfort ministers compassion and sympathy by offering emotional, spiritual, and physical support to Church disciples and regular attendees who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Ministry Profile:

  1. Ministry area is inreach/outreach to all disciples of the congregation and its regular attendees.

  2. Accountable to the Pastor.

  3. Spiritual gifts needed to perform task are administration, mercy, helps, giving,serving,encourage­ment, and faith.

  4. Talents that will assist one in this area are compassion for grieving people,·good listener, ability to assist groups with special needs during funeral arrangements and the like.

  5. Person must have a passion for comforting and helping people who have experienced loss and grief.

  6. Anticipated time commitments for this task range from a few months with no hours to one month with several hours. (depends on the need of the family/individual with loss.


Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Minister with love and compassion to the bereaved family by visiting in the home and when applicable, visiting the family at the funeral home.

  2. Stay in the home, or arrange for someone to be in the home, during the funeral to accept deliveries of love (food, flowers, etc.) and to protect empty house during such times.

  3. Facilitate for the family and contact Church Hospitality Ministry to arrange meals on behalf of the family.

  4. Offer assistance with errands, transportation,and other special needs during week following the loss.

  5. Send a 'thinking-of-you' card on behalf of the Church to the family two weeks after the funeral.

  6. Minister in unison with the Pastor's ministry of compassion and sympathy and not as separate entities.

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