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[Acts 6:1-7; 1 Timothy 3:8-13]

Function: The Diaconate Ministry is responsible for ministering to the needs of Church disciples and offering support to the Pastor and pastoral ministry.


Ministry Profile:

  1. Spiritual gifts needed to perform this task are the gifts of serving, exhortation,    mercy­ showing, and teaching.

  2. Talents that will assist one in this task is to enjoy working with people.

  3. Individuals must have a passion for ministering to the body of Christ and assisting the Pastor with the work  of the  ministry related to congregational care.

  4. Anticipated time commitments can range from 2-4 hours per week.

  5. Officers of the Diaconate Ministry:

         a)  Chairperson - provides leadership and supervision to the diaconate as they

               serve in their assigned capacities.

          c)  Vice Chairperson - assist the chairperson in his/hers duties.

          d) Secretary - records minutes of all Spiritual leaders' meetings.

          d) Chaplain - leads the devotional period of all meetings of the Spiritual Leaders'                 and Church.


Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Administer the mission needs of Church disciples once the Mission Investigative Team completes its investigation and recommendations are presented . *Sometimes the Mission Investigative Team will administer the need due to confidentiality concerns.    [Home Mission]

  2. Visit and contact Church disciples at special times such as sickness,hospitalizations, deaths,tragedies, accidents,and special requests for home communion.

  3. Responsible for contacting Church disciples by telephone when absences, special circumstances, or omissions are discovered. [Church Buddy System-Home contact]

  4. Provide guidance and advice to Church disciples who have notified you of difficult conditions/situations. [note: never share confidential information without disciples' consent]

  5. Administer pastoral care of assistance, love,fellowship, and service to an assigned number of Church disciples. [note: to fulfill the previous responsibilities of ministry]

  6. Greet,encourage, and record names of persons seeking to become disciples of TBC during our services of worship and/or activities. [utilizing the Disciple Record Sheet]

  7. Provide a presence.

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