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Usher's Ministry
[Psalm 84:10; 1 Chronicles 23:1-5]

What We Do:  Ushers are responsible for keeping services sacred and ready for the presence of God by serving as porters/doorkeepers. Ushers provide the atmosphere for people to enjoy the fellowship of God and others.

How We Do It:

  1. Be in attendance to support all Church activities and/or services.

  2. Represent the love of God through a pleasing nature, , and a pleasing personality.                                                              ·

  3. Properly greet and seat people for Church services and/or activities.

  4. Keep a look out for indications of illness or discomfort on the part of persons in attendance at services and/or activities.

  5. Check quietly the source of any unnecessary noise, remain attentive to requests from individuals seated near disturbances, and be available to assist latecomers.

  6. Be available to visitors and friends at the close of services and/or activities by being posted at all exits (until congregation has left).

  7. Check final details at the close of services/activities (examples: close windows/doors; restore special set-ups; pick up stray items left in sanctuary & place lost articles in Church office mail slot).

  8. Secure all needed materials before the service/activity begins (examples: Church bulletins, visitor cards, reserved seating, etc.).

  9. Take a count of the congregation at all services/activities.

  10. Perform other duties as assigned by the head/assistant usher and/or .


*Our purpose is to make people and God want to come---again and again and  again.....

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